SN#1_Workshop: forge at Welgelegen

The old shipyard Welgelegen in Franeker, on the Draaisma historical shipyard site,  hosted us for a blacksmith workshop.

The big building of shipyard Welgelegen remains the history of 3 century of shipbuilding in franeker.

Jetze Draaisma welcomes us for a blacksmith workshop and a visit of the big hangar, with all machines and old tools. From all those precious know-hows, tools and histories, Jetze would like to make a « learning by doing » museum. With the same spirit as we had the chance to experience at Hafenmuseum Hamburg, we learned that a museum about work could also be a museum of future. It was a pleasure to be part of this ongoing project.

Thank you to Franz, the blacksmith who run this workshop for sharing his experience with us.




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