SN#1_Little Lilit Jungle by Claire Mélot

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Launched in the water aboard a small inflatable found in the holds of the Schute, towards the jungle of Little Lilit.

Message thrown into the sea:
Little, Huck, Berry & Finn are in a boat
departure for the end of the canal
What is behind the lock?
and in Little Lilit jungle?
Pushed by the coypu
rats nibble bottle to the sea
stuck between the roots

The bayou lap in his mud
under the low branches
the jungle Trauerwaiden
block the road to the little inflatable
with all his creepers.

But Finn is at the helm!
in the laughs
2 large 2 small only
broken balance
when I step on board
the water rises a little but we still float
the little inflatable turns and turns

Under the pontoons, crocodile and turtles
rats and lost bottles
5m in the middle of the canal where to pass the raft
the shores spread a solid flat
against any attempt to board
rear façades of factories, warehouses.
Under the pontoons, we go down by the head
to the kingdom of spiders
Little Lilit laughs
we move away.

Not a movement on the water
only a few wrinkles when the bottle falls
that’s all
Litte Lilit laughs
everyone applauds
Young Finn starts the long poumpoum of the Lore
the pontoons are shaking
the camp disappears in some eddy.
And the only thing left is an absence in the middle of the water.

Young Finn
and Old Finn
se regardent
a hand in the water
days and nights
on one side and the other of the mirror
a fishing rod in the water, nothing at the end, it’s for the image.

Aboard the spaceship
mon corps est un vaisseau spatial
appel Argo l’archi laggo
arche libère l’appeau à libertaires
archi appel l’Archipel
on board the archipelago

In the middle of the water:
Pontoon Schute Archipelago Lore
Artifact Boat Canoe
door board Gangway
All that floats nearby
tires, bottle nests
Sleeping, on board the archipelago.

Claire Mélot.
juillet 2018. à bord de l’Archipel.

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